UNM Ecology Arts Students Visit Arcosanti

Now that I have some spare time, I am going through my notes and pictures and posting some of the more notable experiences from my last few years at Arcosanti.

One of the memorable experiences for me was in September of last year students from the Land Arts of the American West Program at the University of New Mexico explored and engaged with Arcosanti and the surrounding site for two days in September of 2011. This was a chance for me to learn about the Land Arts movement and some radical ideas about artistic collaboration and co-creation.

On Sept 14 2011, 10 students and two instructors from the Ecology Arts Program at the University of New Mexico participated in a “synergy” at Arcosanti. The focus of their efforts was to help better organize the worm farming/vermiculture system at Arcosanti, which I was in charge of at the time. I am not sure this was the ideal project for them at Arcosanti, but I was impressed that they tackled it with such passion and dedication.

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Experimentation with Vermiculture Composting at Arcosanti

About a year ago the Arcosanti Community Council invested about 1000 dollars in a vermiculture system based on a funds request by Bamboo (Bob Ransom).

While the system has not proven itself well or at least we have not figured out how to use the system (Worm WigWam) as it was designed, the worms are doing well and I am experimenting with different techniques for expanding their numbers and the rate of biomass degradation.

We hope to eventually develop a program by which all the composting is done by the worms and that this includes selective introduction of paper materials (More on this later) into the composting mix. In the meantime we are slowly scaling out the system towards the larger vision.

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