Boycotting High Gas Prices

Many are calling for boycotts against the high price of gas:

I would file this under “better kind of wrongness“… the idea of boycotting gas prices.

Yes transport costs are high but still relatively low compared to Europe in which some countries pay 8 or ten dollars a gallon.

I think overall higher gas prices are a having a positive impact in helping us to consider the true costs of sprawl and overconsumption and also consider alternatives to that dominant model of development.

Also the positive to high fuel prices is that they are encouraging people to consider Arcology as a real alternative to urban sprawl at least during the tours in our discussion with people visiting. It really seems to have an impact with people on the tours.

I also notice that 4 dollar a gas impacts how I drive. Suddenly I am driving less than 55 on the hills to Prescott to save gas!!

People are not going out as much and when they go they are more aware of getting the most out of the trip.

Also people are buying gas efficient cars and leaving the SUVs and big trucks behind in droves.