Using Science and Rationalism to Explore Consciousnsess and Spirituality

Stephen Budner recently sent me a email from an interview with Dr Charles Tart on ShrinkRapRadio #34, April 23, 2006. Forty Years of Consciousness Research. In the piece Dr. David Van Nuys, aka “Dr. Dave” interviews Dr. Charles Tart (transcribed from by Kerstin Sjoquist):

Other intelligent men and women were going through this same kind of crisis, and they realized science was right in a lot of ways – there was a lot of nonsense in religion, but was it all nonsense? And they came up with the brilliant idea of: can we apply the method of science? Not the particular findings at any moment, but the method to investigate various phenomenon – spirituality, religion – and begin to separate out what was true and important, and what was false and superstitious. That was an inspiring vision for me, and basically that’s what I’ve been doing the last 50 years.

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