Arcosanti’s Soleri Office & Drafting Building (Red Room Greenhouse) Undergoes Renovation

We are currently working on a renovation of the Red Room Greenhouse that is located in the Soleri Office and Drafting Building (SOD). This is part of an effort to upgrade and better utilize existing infrastructure. Arcosanti now currently has four greenhouses (Camp Greenhouse Camp Bathroom Greenhouse, High Tunnel Greenhouse and the Red Room Greenhouse) with a fifth one planned as the first section of the Energy Apron Greenhouses (Guest Rooms Greenhouse).

The goal of this month’s renovation and upgrade effort is to incorporate the Red Room Greenhouse into our existing greenhouse growing system.  Our plan involves renovating the space and adding new growing beds to better utilize the space. In addition to the construction aspect, we will adding this space to our existing operations (High Tunnel Greenhouse); germinating, cultivating irrigate plants as well as managing/maintaining the Red Room Greenhouse on a continual basis as needed adding to what we now produce.

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03.06.09: Greenhouse/LaLoggia Presentation

At Morning Meeting today it was a bit windy and we held the meeting in the Lab Building to keep warm. Actually the temps are pretty mild for the year but the wind is so gusty that it seems much colder than it really is.

We are starting out the Colly Soleri Music Center concert season with a bang.

This weekend we have the film shoot for the indie movie Carried Away.

Then on Mar 14th Theoretical Isolation: A Post-atomic Experiment will be performed at The Center by Ira Murfin, an alum of Arcosanti. He is organizing this event which includes some performers from his Chicago based theater act. While he is here he’ll be offering a acting workshop on the Tuesday before the performance.

In the Afternoon, the construction team had a chance to go over some of the plans and ideas revolving around LaLoggia and accompanying Arcosanti Greenhouse complex and discuss these with the Feb Workshop.

The idea is to develop an integrated greenhouse farming system that both produces food and also energy for the buildings up above (The greenhouse is part of the Energy Apron).

During the afternoon I also had the chance to tell the story of how I met my friend and colleague Joy Tang after leaving Arcosanti in 03 and going to the Planetwork Conference at the Presidio in SF. Since working together in oneVillage we have seen our work as the evolution of that being done in various ecovillages and similar socially and ecologically conscious projects around the world.  A key aspect of our work is identifying the role of Information Technologies in providing assistance to communities to become more sustainable. Also related to that is the development of strong cultural identities in these communities. So one aspect of our work has been to promote cultural exchanges between societies.

During the presentation I talked about how Joy has been in Taiwan working to raise awareness of the value of African indigenous culture in the context of Taiwan’s own indigenous tribes. This has materialized in the group Unity Drum which is a fusion of African and Taiwanese indigenous music and dancing. Most recently the group performed for the well known Japanese fashion designer  Issey Miyake at his Fashion Show in Taipie on Mar 5.

Arcosanti + Vertical Farming

Leon Neihouse has been putting forward some important links in relation to integrated design, habitat construction and food production.

His work is most relevant to the effort to develop the Energy Apron + Greenhouse that is envisioned to provide much of the food for Arcosanti Critical Mass (this idea of the project gaining momentum to do larger scale development as envisioned by Paolo Soleri in terms of actually creating a fully operational Arcology).

The core question for consideration here is: how one might consider the development of an Arcology type vision of urban living that would include the habitat getting a significant amount of its food onsite using state of the art food production technologies.

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