May Meeting Leads to the Construction of the First AgriPod Greenhouse in the USA

Linda pulls me in Dick’s push cart in a lighthearted moment after using the cart to move the solar hot water panel out of storage.

This is a continuing series of posts about my travels though the USA earlier this year with my friend Linda Ford. We had the chance to explore several projects promoting Appropriate Technologies and alternative living during the trip.

After leaving Strawbale Studios on May 7th, 2012, Linda and I went down to Athens Ohio where SolaRoof/AgriPod founder Rick (Richard) Nelson was to meet with Richard (Dick) Hogan for the first time. While there, I had the chance to get to know Rick and Dick, who later in the year built the first AgriPod greenhouse built in the USA.

The AgriPod system is a unique two level greenhouse design. It is designed especially with consideration to Rick Nelson’s SolaRoof design; an innovative a passive solar heated and cooled greenhouse growing system that uses bubble machines to fill a cavity space between the inside and outside of the structure with bubbles to insulate.

Also notable was our opportunity to diagnose a broken solar hot water system, fix it and then take our first solar hot water shower – all in the same day!

Over the last several years, I have considered the possibility of developing a Solaroof prototype at Arcosanti, Arizona. I discussed this plan with them, including some of the possibilities and challenges for developing a prototype AgriPod at Arcosanti.

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BFI Challenge Applications Posted Online

Last year a colleague and I submitted an application to the Bucky Fuller Institute Challenge.

Libby Hubbard (aka Neutopia) recently told me that she read my application online.

The central focus of our application was to raise funds for the development of a Holistic Learning Center by which participants from all walks of life could be immersed in more holistic approaches to living. The term we use at oneVillage Foundation is EcoLiving and it implies taking the concepts of sustainability and applying to how we live and see the world – seeing that in truth it is a seemless whole.

Apparently BFI got a benefactor to provide an amount to run the challenge and also for a yearly grant. The idea is promoting visionary thinking like BF pioneering but also finding ways to put into practice.

The winner of the 2007 contest was John Todd who has pioneered Living Machines.

Dr. Todd was presented a check in the amount of $100,000 for his winning project Comprehensive Design for a Carbon Neutral World: The Challenge of Appalachia. Dr. Todd was also presented the OmniOculi, a limited edition sculpture by artist Tom Shannon, commissioned for the Challenge.

You can view our application here:\