NASA’s Grand Plan to Replace Fossil Fuels with Algae

Schematic explaining NASA's plans to take sewage effluent to grow algae inside membranes located in the ocean.

In the previous post we learned about Dr Baum’s work to promote the potential of algae as a Do it Yourself (DIY)  solution to change our lives and remove or at least reduce our dependency on a corporate system that’s highly reliant on fossil fuel technologies for providing us the products we need to survive in the modern world.

Now we are going to hear more about the grand plan for taking algae out of the research laboratory and putting it into a large scale industrial system for producing algae to replace the current industrial refinery and petrochemical model that is the basis for our modern lifestyle.

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March 4 Oakland CA Algae Workshop and Growing Kit = $300

To further develop a complete ecosystem approach for Arcologies, I plan to participate in a workshop by Dr Aaron Wolf Baum. According to his latest newsletter, he has been busy working on the NASA OMEGA Project, but says he now has some time to organize a new series of workshops based on the “algae for dummies” book he is working on.

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