Arcology Ecovillage

While Arcosanti is not officially considered a EcoVillage, we can see that it has some aspects that might make it a potentially good model for one.

It was originally planned to be a much more ambitious level of development. Over the years Soleri had envisioned Arcology to develop in a series of designs that evolved over the years until the final version Arcology 5000. As a bridge to this ambitious development there was to include the construction of a 26 story building there was Arcosanti Critical Mass. This Critical Mass was an intermediate stage that was to involve 300-500 people and would be a point of getting ready to develop the larger scale development in terms of economic engineering and infrastructure.

Most Likely some kind of Critical Mass is what is the realistic goal for the long term development. The idea of critical mass is reaching a population level in which there is enough capacity and demand for core community services and businesses like a small medical facility, several restaurants and expanding beyond the company town model.

In terms of redefining the strategy for Arcosanti or in actuality coming up with a coherent strategy for the project for the first time, rather than eschewing the EcoVillage concept I suggest embracing it and consider a key scaled down Arcosanti Critical Mass goal as achieving a population of 150-300 people in which all the services they rely on are from sustainable systems and designs.



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