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About the Blog

So much of what comes out as official Arcosanti material does not capture the reality of everyday life at Arcosanti. For example the video that tourists see when they begin their tour is sprinked with wonderfully elequent words from experts who have never lived at Arcosanti and really seen what it was like firsthand. This is an attempt at offering a realistic but also a compassionate perspective on everyday life at Arcosanti.


About the Blogger

I am trying to take a “different approach.” A key element to my philosophy is to try to slow down and not worry so much about things beyond my control. Also to respond to the question what I am doing in life??? I’m just trying to be the best me that I can be in whatever I do.

One of the great challenges for us humans is to overcome the need to be seen as doing so many “important things.” And we often do all these things when we are not in touch with ourselves and what we really want to accomplish in this life as spiritual beings.

Thus if you want to know about me…Know that I am on a quest to get to get to know myself and the universe a little bit deeper. I’m not sure what that will get me in material terms in today’s global society with its “dog eat dog” and consumer-driven “rat-race” mentalities so dominating the human consciousness, but I know in my heart that everything we do today in the modern world needs to be rethought. In that process, I believe the first step is myself and learning how to truly enjoy life.

In this process of better getting to know ourselves and learning to collaborate with others, we can then develop the practical skills and wisdom to build a sustainable human habitat. From that point, we can serve to become models for building these prototypes all over the world so that they then become the little seeds for building a Global Sustainable Society and in that process guided by the mantra that “we must be the be change that we want to see in the world.”


2 thoughts on “About Life @ Arcosanti

  1. Arcosanti is grassroots -not perfect, but a serious, contemplative embrace of the new dynamic already beginning to be seen evolving in the economic displacement. Ideologies like Arcosanti will provide shelter; body & soul. Bless & support our visionaries. Our support & participation will ready us for a future which some say is already upon us.

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