Hack Urban Food Event Promises to Empower People Design/Create Solutions to Problems in the Food System

Jimi Carnazza, fellow alumni of Arcosanti Arizona and founder and executive director of Full Circle Earth (join our Facebook page for updates on FCE) has shared with me an update on a upcoming event in the Boston Area.

I thought it might be relevant to those in my network interested in sustainable/local food production and particularly those in the Boston/New England area.

The Nov 14/15th Boston Hack Urban Food Event came to us thanks to an email from Lauren Abda who is the Managing Director of  The Food Loft and Founder of Branchfood.

The event seems to be part of a growing international movement that I have been linked to and been a part of since my time with oneVillage Foundation which was focused on the role of information technologies in the process of developing a global grassroots approach to sustainable development.

A common theme is the fusing together and evolving of approaches of the hacker and open source software movements to create global Peer-2-Peer Networks to empower people to redesign their local economies around this idea of “right livelihood” and conscious living.

Here the focus (and I see similar events going on around the world) is on building a local food economy in Boston around the healthy living and sustainability movements, while incorporating those hacker ideas of how to innovate and rapid prototype within hacker social networks.

Read more about the event below:

Event Description: Hack Urban Food is an educational technology event uniting designers, developers, engineers, food system experts, and entrepreneurs to create innovative tools that improve our food ecosystem. The event is being held in partnership with General Assembly and WeWork in Fort Point on Friday evening, November 14th and all day Saturday, November 15th.

The event will focus on problems in our current food system that can be helped by technology, specifically related to institutional food, restaurant tech, and urban farming. Content experts from Boston’s leading institutions, restaurants and farms will present on challenges they face in their specific realms and work with teams to create solutions. We’ll also have other food system experts present to help teams with their product development.

On Saturday night teams will pitch to a panel of judges and the winner will be awarded a $5K prize from Breville along with legal services from Nixon Peabody. Other teams will receive prizes for the best use of the APIs. Attendance will be upwards of 150 people.

Event: Hack Urban Food

Date: November 14/15th

Location: General Assembly/WeWork 51 Melcher Street Boston

Website: www.branchfood.com

Tickets: https://hackurbanfood.eventbrite.com

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