Review of Headlines from Feb 26 WSJ Newspaper

I went to Starbucks the other day and read the Wall Street Journal while talking to a friend who was chatting and texting on her tablet.

While I have pretty much abandoned print newspapers and magazines as a source of news I found it useful to go through and consider the major news of the day in this way. Something about the newspaper format helped to me to organize the pressing issues of the day in a more cohesive way than the way I usually do it with the web browser.

Whats interesting is I found a Reuters Digest of all the headlines from the WSJ for that Day.

White House Weighs Future of NSA Surveillance – Don’t worry no one in government is serious about any kind of radical reform of anything including military and intelligence spending or practices.

BitCoin Hits Hard Times as Shutdown of One Trader Rattles Market – The Mt Gox collapse cost BitCoin traders 450 million dollars. I never understood the idea of people making huge amounts of money in BitCoin. At least when you invest in a stock you have an idea you are investing in something and have information about that investment. Possibly BitCoin was more about investing in the future like say Gold or another commodity. It was about the idea the BitCoin was the money of the future for the Global Economy, so get in now before it really takes off. Yet I think we need to look at the fundamentals of BitCoin and consider what it is and what it does that traditional money trading and transfer systems don’t offer.

Tesla Shares Hit Record High on Anticipated Battery Deal – Elon Musk who made his fortune through PayPal originally has had a series of well known successes several of which relate to sustainability and green business – his electric car company Telsa and also the solar install company called SolarCity. Apparently the punctured battery case fires proved a minor distraction. Good. Hopefully Telsa can bring the price of electric cars down and in the process also find better ways to power up these vehicles such as setting up a network of alternative energy powered fueling stations across the country. While electric according to many experts is still better than conventional powered vehicles, it involves using a power grid that is primarily powered by fossil fuel and still nearly 50 percent powered by coal.

Supreme Court Eases Rules for the Search of Homes – In addition to that it affirmed a right of authorities to conduct pre-trial freezes of defendant assets. I think there is a problem with the Supreme Court at a very fundamental level that has to deal with years of Republican nominations of pro-corporate establishment types that is now finally gaining traction with a series of decisions that seems to support corporate rights over individual rights.

3 Eu Countries Freezing Aid to Uganda – What about US? This reminds us of the reality that a cleavage has emerged between more modern regions of the world where its citizenry has embraced many key aspects of an individual’s right to choose their lifestyle and places like Africa and Asia where it seems this kind of change is more slow going. Indeed in some respects there even seems to be a race among countries in Africa as to who is going to impose the most Draconian laws against homosexuality. Really it exposes the troubling reality that we have to shift our thinking and accept that much of the world is not ready to see human rights as including the right to choose to be a homosexual. Thus we need to consider that countries that imposes these rules should not have as favorable status as nations who share our values and respect the right choose one’s sexual preference without persecution and the risk of imprisonment or even death.

Detroit and Creditors Debate how Quickly Judge should Resolve City’s Bankruptcy CaseWhat we see here is not about Detroit, its about the structure to rebuild our decaying urban cores and infrastructure while support and subsidize car culture and sprawl. The irony is the very car culture that led to Detroit’s rise is not precipitating its fall.

US Gov Proposes Banning Logos for Snack Foods & Soda in Schools + US Obesity Rate among Preschool Children Drops 40 % over Past Decade – Possibly these two news items are a sign of a shift away from pandering to corporate food interests at the expense of our country’s health. However the fundamental problem is that the corporate bottom line sees more profit in promoting ill health than good health. Part of the issue is that we don’t know how to profit promoting good and healthy lifestyles and living.

Marketing chief rises at Yahoo – Marisa Mayer is recovering from the marketing flop that led to one of her hand picked high level execs being fired by her after just 11 months on the job, by elevating a new rising star to the top marketing position in Yahoo. The real story though is not in the corporate gossip but rather the way in which this rising star is using Hollywood star power to market a company in a way that seems to crossing new boundaries. Still not sure what it is Yahoo at least seems to be able to buy up star power to polish its image and promote its products and logos. Ultimately though what matters is if people find a service compelling and Yahoo still has yet to demonstrate it can offer the kind of integration of services that other big name IT players offer like Google, Facebook and Apple offer in the mass market and IBM, Oracle and Microsoft offer in the corporate market.

Citibank alumni rises within Obama admin to rival Goldman clique in Washington – So now Citibank has replaced Goldman as the go to people in Wall Street Revolving Door Politics? Which do you prefer Coke or Pepsi? I prefer neither and I think Obama needs to say YES WE CAN stop kissing corporate America’s ass in Washington!

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