Social Networking and Arcosanti

What I cherish from my time at Arcosanti was that I had the chance to meet many remarkable and talented people.

This included the Paradox III conference which I had participated in at Arcosanti before leaving in 2001. This opened up for me a vast network of people who have devoted their lives to put forward a paradigm shift in how humanity sees reality and also exists within that reality

Just recently two pieces of news brought back to life this idea that each of us has a story to tell in relation to the people that we meet on our paths through life.

Many of the people I have met and had the experiences that expanded consciousness as a result of all that would not have existed if Arcosanti did not come into my life.

This makes me wonder whether the real value of who we are and what do as human beings is not about us, but how we use (as well as appreciate and value) our social networks.

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