AgriPod Meet-up @ Strawbale Studio in Oxford MI on 05.07.12

I had the chance to meet with Rick Nelson (SolaRoof Greenhouse System) for the time in person in Oxford Michigan at the Strawbale Studio a small nonprofit project run by sustainability and ecoliving educator Deanne Bednar.

We met Rick and discussed his AgriPod Plan during the Full Moon Potluck at the Strawbale Studio. Later we went down to Athens Ohio to meet with Dick Hogan of Greenfire Farm. Rick later decided to work with Dick on building the first AgroPod prototype in the USA there.

While at the Strawbale Studio Linda Ford my travel mate and I had the chance to really appreciate the “back to the earth” approach that Deanne has been pioneering in the area.

While at the potluck we met a young woman from Three Roods Farm just north of Deanne’s place. The next day we gave her a ride back home and spent the afternoon there exploring the small organic farm.

It was inspirational to see the networking going with more eco-conscious folks here in Southern Michigan.

While we enjoyed meeting Rick and hearing about his plans for the AgriPod, we were impressed how this retired schoolteacher had managed to create this wonderful place where she built experimental buildings and wood stoves out of dirt, rock and straw.

She has workshops and interns come throughout the year and also those monthly Full Moon Potlucks that help bring people in the area together.

We enjoyed it so much we decided to come back for a Permaculture Workshop organized by Deanne and her friends later in May.

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