Tour of Three Roods Organic Farm in Columbiaville MI

While in Michigan in early May, my friend Linda Ford and I had the chance to meet with some local organic farmers who are friends with Deanne Bednar of Strawbale Studio while there to meet with my colleague Rick Nelson an inventor who has developed the SolaRoof Greenhouse.

We spent the weekend at Deanne’s place and met Rebekah Switala at the Full Moon Potluck. She was talking about her experiences in the Ukraine which is where her ancestors are from. She also mentioned her recent experiences to take a break from academic studies working as a volunteer on a local organic farm. Rebekah needed a ride back to the Farm where she worked and she said she would love to show us the place.

Robin Mailor and Gregory Krusewski are the couple who own Three Roods Farm which is located in the small town of Columbiaville.

We fell in love with the place and we got some great pictures that gave us an idyllic picture of rural farm life.

The farm was located on about 100 acres but most of the land was part of a conservation plan to preserve the land, soil and ecosystem. This includes the Land stewardship center which was located in the back of the property. In developing the property as a conservation site they have experimented with plantings of pine and Osage Orange. The idea is to reseed local native plants to rebuild the local forest and rebuild the soil.

Rebekah has been working as a volunteer at the farm for several months and she gave us the tour in gratitude for the ride back to the farm.

The production part of the farm included several chickens which provided fresh organic eggs, a greenhouse, a herd of sheep and some agricultural land. They were just getting started with the crop growing season when we came by.

Robin and Gregory have several children. They spoke about one of the children who went to Malayasia and married a Malay. Their son Zayn (previously known as Theo) now has 7 kids and came back home last week.

Some highlights of the tour included a tour of the retreat farm (The Land Stewardship Center) in back which was quite beautifully located on a pond complete with geese water lilies, canoes, a boat dock and other picturesque elements.

Linda also became quite excited seeing the Robin’s weaving apparatus. They have sheep and collect the wool to make it into yarn. Robin then makes the raw wool with a pedal powered spinning wheel, which she showed us while we were there in the living room. The question is whether this is simply an antiquated way of doing things or something we are going to have to revisit to consider sustainable living in a serious way.

We also got a chance to have some tea with fresh raw milk and locally harvested honey.

See Gallery below for all the highlights…

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