The EdenSpace Project Sustainability Roadshow

Ok well its starting out modestly and a little bit tongue in cheek, but I was blinking on a title for this blog post so I thought why not take an opportunity to talk about EdenSpace. The site and idea is still in the early stages of development (time is a relative thing) so let me if you have any ideas or suggestions – I am open.

So if your wondering what is EdenSpace. Its a name I decided to use in 2000 as I came back to Arcosanti and realized how Cosanti and some of Paolo Soleri’s work made me feel. Specifically I’m talking about the idea of the notion that there was a time when humanity and nature were in balance. Some say this was a real time and during the neolithic period which is when it is even rumored that some of the civilizations around at the time were actually better run and in some ways more advanced than the current patriarchal one that seems to define pretty much all the cultures of the world today. As you might expect there is a whole story behind this which is much too complicated to get into now.

The point is that EdenSpace refers to a healing architecture that as part of a comprehensive approach can help us to more fully realize our potential as human beings. I believe this is what Paolo Soleri was trying to visualize when he created first Cosanti and then Arcosanti. I created the EdenSpace Project to encourage an evolution of Arcology towards something I felt was more dynamic and less architectural in the sense that to create Arcology we need to see that architecture is only one part of the piece of holistic sustainable habitat creation pie.

Today I am on the way to CT via the Port Jeff Bridgeport Ferry to meet with Eric Fedus who has been associated with ZERI for a couple of years now. We worked on the Bucky Fuller Institute Challenge for innovative sustainable designs in 07 or 08. So I;m going to discuss the possibility of working to develop a new initiative focused on Integrated Farming and building on George Chan’s and Alexandre Takamatsu’s Integrated Farming Systems (IFS) work on medium sized pig farms in Brazil.

Planning for Tuesday and WED to be in the NYC. I’m meeting with someone I met at the UN where ZERI Founder and Club of Rome member Gunter Pauli keynoted at UNESCO’s Decade of Education in Sustainable Development launch. Pamela Peeters is an environmental economist based in Manhattan and focusing on environmental issues and green fashion/living. One of the things she has been doing is organizing green film festivals called Sustainable Planet

Architect Terri Chiao who visited Arco last year actually created some buzz with her cabin in a loft in Brooklyn with coverage from Inhabitat; a well known sustainability blog. Hopefully I will get a chance to meet with her and see her project today.

Ganas is an Intentional Community in Staten Island that I hope to finally visit while I am in the area.

Finally I am interested in getting a chance to see more of this project in NYC called NY Sun Works. I like the concept of education and see it as a good way to initially help fund a Closed Ecological System (CES) themed/oriented project that is centered around the concepts of Integrated Farming/Food Production and Design.

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