Understanding the Meaning of 2012 and the Prophesies behind it

I am thinking this morning about a trend I have been noticing and also have been a part of for quite some time – the modern “doomsayers” movements. While the mainstream typically has heaped scorn and ridicule on this movement and in many cases for good reason…Yet the fact remains that similar to the New Age and Conspiracy Theory movements, many of our greatest cultural artifacts and influences have come from the creative people who have contemplated the movement’s musings, root inclinations and of course considered how their end-game scenarios might actually play out in the future.

The fact is I live at one of the most well known places for such thinking – Arcosanti. It was Paolo Soleri who over 40 years ago began his quest to warn humanity of the errors of its ways in embracing what he saw and continues to see as the twin demons of the American Dream and Globalization – suburban sprawl and hyper-consumption. Thus he as the media has sought to label his work has been sometimes been referred to as the “prophet in the desert.”

About a year and a half ago a film crew came by and did a film shoot for a docudrama that was to appear on the History Channel as part of their After Armageddon Film Series.

The one that was filmed at Arcosanti was about a worst case scenario outbreak of bird-flu that hit LA and severely disrupted civilization.

My opinion of the film crew and actors was that they seemed very nice but the fact of my selection as part of the acting albeit just a few brief part in the old Ranch Farmhouse did help to increase my opinion of them. However after watching it I grew more impressed. In fact what I realized was that it was rather interesting and informative. And yes while the acting was not that great I have to admit I was a little bit riveted as I hope for the family to finally realize it was too late in LA after the bird-flu hit and to get out! All the while the announcers were talking about how they needed to get out and learn how to “forage” to survive and of course to avoid getting killed by the bad guys in the process.

To say again it was not all that bad and I actually found that having gone through so much Hollywood media indoctrination about what the future after the fall would look like I found this somewhat fact based exploration to be quite information and useful.

The completed film appeared on the History Channel last January. However it also is available for viewing on YouTube


As we consider that we are in a time of great time of change all this is not happening by coincidence. The need for preparation for a reckoning should be taken seriously not by immersing oneself in wild eyed conspiracy theories but to gain the actual skills and knowledge one of what is going on in relation to the planetary wide changes and two of the how we have to manage and deal with that as individuals.

In terms of Prophesy that opens a whole can of worms because the modern world we live in denies any relevance to the ability of an individual to understand a deeper sense of what is going on whether it is a vague notion that we are in or heading towards a time of change and of course also troubles or something more lucid like dreaming or visioning specific end time events. Of course then there are the things like Mayan Calendar that are even more strange on our consciousness.

As we grabble with Iran and the overreaction to it led by the US and Israel with the West and the rest of the world for the most obediently following we wonder if there is not some deeper story here. For one thing as bad as the Iranian mentality is about Nukes is it possible that we are only considering the aliment’s symptoms and not the root cause of the problems. As far as I am concerned I think its safe to say that there would be no Iran menace if Western elite policymakers – again under the leadership of the US with Israel’s Zionists in there somewhere – did orchestrate a system of manipulation against self-determination in Persia in the 40s and early 50s. They knew about the oil and suddenly they cared about Persia. It was a great example of what is termed Realpolitik.

Fast forward to now, we’ve had over 60 years of bad, dysfunctional decision making and its not just all on the Iranian side. We have to owe to that. Problem is that the US, Israel and the West as a Bloc is not ready to owe up to that and stand up for the need for de-escalation of the current Iran-Israel-US-West crisis.

No doubt Iran is on the wrong path on just about all level due to a reactionary leadership running the show in Tehran. However are we doing things to weaken that leadership or strengthen its hand and their resulting chokehold on the Iranian people?

In my view former Pentagon Military Strategists Col Ralph Peters may write some corny fiction but its also realistically scary. The idea of radicalization on both sides (rising to seemingly support Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations Thesis) was only two evident after 9/11. Even years after that crisis point the US was still coming up with massively stupid and expensive policies that wasted billions in taxpayer dollars and curtailed civil liberties. What all this really demonstrated is the age old foolish that historically according to Toynbee drove down the world’s great civilizations still applies.

Despite all the American Exceptionalist garbage manufactured by the NeoCons and their mainstream political allies like Gingrich, the reality is that we just like everyone else in the world and throughout history is not immune to greed and arrogance morphing itself into the policymaking apparatus. So despite Francis Fukayama’s musings, the End of History is not here yet. Much as we might want to believe that Capitalism is King and Buffet is really the “Sage of Omaha” just as we wanted to believe that Alan Greenspan was the Economic Sage of the New Economy, more growth is not an ends to itself in solving social problems and ills. They have been around for much longer than we have been alive and they are not going to go away without a real change in the way we do business on this planet.

That’s the core point of the Apocayptics throughout history – Jesus the Mayans and Nostradomas – among a league of others many who were of course glory grabbers who sought fame and power around the mystique of being as sage or prophet. But all the discrediting aside there does seem to be something real and powerful in the prophetic words of warning that the great seers and intuitives of human speak and including none other than Paolo Soleri.

And we are not prepared for the unpredictability of human life on this planet. We have illusions that this reality of the modern in the 21st century will continue forever – it will not. Great changes are coming and if we look carefully and see what is going on in the world around we can see the signs. You dont have to know how to read the tea leaves or palms to understand this.

So its best that we do begin to take the steps to get involved in the changing process because the time for rapid change is here and is rapidly altering the status quo that has emerged to defend the law of vested interest in the conventionally run society.

We don’t have to believe everything about the Mayan Calendar and that 2012 is it. Whether this year turns out to be the turning point some believe it is, will not stop the unprecedented world changes going on beyond our conscious mainstream comprehension.

What struck me about seeing the National Geographic Channel series about people preparing for the collapse of civilization was how thoughtfully it was presented. I did not loath them for addressing an issue that might sully their reputation as a high minded magazine. Rather what I thought in seeing these videos was similar to what I was thinking in watching the History Channel docudrama that was partially filmed at Arcosanti…Why aren’t we doing this here at Arcosanti?

Here is a family in Arizona doing things in relation to integrated farming that we are not doing here at Arcosanti and they are producing much of their own food taking many of the concepts that George Chan and others have been talking about. And they are doing it in the belly of the beast – suburbia.

There is a term called Closed Ecological System and Dr Trent was referring to it when he talked about his project to make algae part of large scale alternative bioenergy production system. This system was part of my vision it came to me more through a process of syncronicity rather than any type of actual waking or sleeping vision. Just out of no where people were sending me information about Integrated Farming and it was exactly what I needed to grok/grasp at that time in my life.

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