Blue Economy Update: Solar Kit Shows’s Potential as Catalyst for Peer to Peer (P2P) Grassroots Financing

The Blue Economy Website/Network is an initiative of ZERI Foundation ( and the author Gunter Pauli. In the companion book Blue Economy, ZERI founder Gunter Pauli discusses some of the leading innovations of the sustainability and appropriate technology movements.

Last year I got a chance to meet with ZERI Founder Gunter Pauli again at Orme School (a boarding school about 8 miles north of Arcosanti) in October. Gunter was there on a speaking engagement because a colleague of his Robert Haspel (who helped form ZERI New Mexico) went to school there.

I thought that I had been talking about the book a bit too long to not have read it including the work on this post so I just ordered it here for 35 dollars including shipping.

Summary of the Book and Companion Website

The presentation of the book enables it to be summarized nicely. The goal of the book and the overall Blue Economy project is to within 10 Years, hone down a strategy focusing on 100 Innovations, that can create 100 Million Jobs. I would see this as not just a linear quantitative achievement in today’s simplistic economic terms but rather to see it more holistically as enabling a critical mass movement that lead to the unlocking of the synergistic potential of the Blue Economy.

More about the book is here – including a nice summary of each chapter.

Here is a list of some of the 100 leading “Blue” innovations. Apparently part of the project’s outputs is to compile these projects on the Blue Economy website  and submitted a report to the Club of Rome.

Localization of Blue Economy Innovations

The Blue Economy Network is working on the localization of Blue Economy innovations and business models on a world map. If you know of any projects that you think merit their attention as developing “blue” innovations, projects and business models please write a simple mail with information about your “blue” projects to

Solar Kit Shows’s Potential as Catalyst for Peer to Peer (P2P) Grassroots Financing

Jordan McRae and Shawn Frayne, (Case 12) have developed a construction kit which powers small electronic gadgets with solar energy. Even small children are able to connect some LEDs to a power source.

The kit comes with elements to harvest renewable energies as an edutainment game for adults and children. While the project is innovative product itself, also worth noting is the business strategy followed by Jordan and Shawn. Using Kickstarter and publishing some sketches of their project in order to raise money for the final design in just a few weeks they were able to get 1000 clients who pre-purchased the modules. This enabled the financing of the prototyping and production of the first lot without depending on the favor of creditors or investors.

Detailed info is available about the business model and its potential at – or as download pdf for those who prefer not to register there.

References & Notes:

  1. The Club of Rome (Wikipedia Page) is a global environmental think-tank that was popularized by the book Limits to Growth and which Gunter has a long time relationship with. He was mentored by the its founder Aurelio Peccei.
  2. The Blue Economy: A New Report to the Club of Rome
  3. The YouTube Video below summarizes Blue Economy Pitch nicely:

One thought on “Blue Economy Update: Solar Kit Shows’s Potential as Catalyst for Peer to Peer (P2P) Grassroots Financing

  1. “The Blue Economy- European Edition” by Gunter Pauli is now available on

    The Blue Economy takes readers beyond the obious and aims to wake up the entrepreneur in all of us. The innovations it explores are founded in solid science and demonstrated by multiple platforms. Committed grass roots entrepreneurs worldwide can realize triple cash flow using open-source innovations that create competitive business models. This book will encourage thousands and perhaps millions of us to apply a Blue Economy busines model that will shift us from scarcity to abundance.

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