Appropriate Technology Workshops and Arcology

This 25kwh system could provide about half of the power needs of Arcosanti for about the same cost of our annual power bill

I have to begun to make the investments and commitments in my life to begin to really live a sustainable lifestyle. This is important to me so that I can focus less on purely intellectual and idealistic pursuits  (thoughts for the sake of thoughts) and more on hands-on activities that prepare me for the coming changes within humanity. For me to actively participate in these changes, it is important that I reorient my life towards the values put forward by one of the world’s great modern spiritual leaders Mahatma Gandhi – becoming the change that I want to see in this world.

So I am planning to go back to SF Bay Area in March to check up on the progress made on All Power Labs and their gasification systems.

Last year I participated in a workshop organized by All Power Labs that showed how gasification of wood into a combustible gas could be easily done for a reasonable cost.

While not a complete solution to our energy problems, wood gasification workshops and gasifiers show how current energy systems can be augmented and eventually replaced. We cannot consider this simply as a case that conventional grid power is bad and green energy is good. Its about a comprehensive and holistic strategy to shift away from modern corporate domination and the resulting dependency thinking that enables it. Similarly to understand the word sustainable and unsustainable is to grok the massively destructive tendencies of modern nation-states and the industrial/corporate systems upon which they depend upon for their false fronts of political legitimacy.

Things have reached such an extreme in terms of bad management of planetary and human resources, that progress in the political, economic and cultural spheres towards more decentralization is inevitable. It will proceed incrementally for a short time longer and then exponentially and possibly explosively as outlined by in Jim Fournier’s Point of Inflection Thesis (1).


  1. Jim Fournier at the Paradox III Conference at Arcosanti in 2001 discussed his theory of how appropriate technologies and sustainable thinking would rapidly transform human in the final growth phase of the capitalistic economy before the rise of the Steady State Economy. Fournier interestingly enough has his own gasification outfit which is based in CO.

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