March 4 Oakland CA Algae Workshop and Growing Kit = $300

To further develop a complete ecosystem approach for Arcologies, I plan to participate in a workshop by Dr Aaron Wolf Baum. According to his latest newsletter, he has been busy working on the NASA OMEGA Project, but says he now has some time to organize a new series of workshops based on the “algae for dummies” book he is working on.

Dr Baum is the founder of and also a NASA Scientist who is part of the OMEGA team at NASA pioneering the use of algae in agriculture and bio-energy.

The next workshop will take place on Sunday, March 4th , 2012 at Ace Monster Toys ( 6050 Lowell Street Oakland, CA (near Berkeley and Emeryville) — MAP

There are also other workshops planned that will follow this one.

The idea is that algae represent something compelling in terms of being able to

  1. Grow plentiful food and fuel in small spaces
  2. Algae reproduce exponentially, but do not require land, soil, or fresh water.
  3. Can be harvested every day, producing much more than land crops
  4. Some of them (e.g. Spirulina) have amazing health benefits as food.

I like workshops where you really do get a hands-on experience and take from them a skill from which you can use to live life more prosperously and self-sufficiently in the real world. And that was very much my successful experience with the All Power Labs Gasification Workshop that I participated in last year.

For 300 dollars what you get from the Algae workshop in addition to the knowledge you gain is the tools and hardware to build your own “Personal Photo-BioReactor and everything you need to grow your own Spirulina superfood algae in your own home!”

For 300 dollars you get a place in the workshop and also a kit to begin making algae for food and fuel

References & Notes:

  1. The NASA OMEGA Project is located at the NASA Ames research facility in Mountainview, CA and on Treasure Island.
  2. Dr Baum was featured in a MakerFaire video about his work. MakerFaire is a magazine and conference series that features innovators contributing to the DiY economy.
  3. TEDxSantaCruz: Jonathan Trent – Fuels and Tools for a Sustainable Future

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