12.03-05.10 Trip to San Deigo: (The Fundraiser) Part 2

From left to right Laurel, Levy, Jacqueline, Craig Pierre and Jeff.

GAIO World‘s Jacqueline Prairie had a fundraiser on Dec 3 to raise money to finish the Cultural Center and Library her org is working on building in Akwatia, Ghana. The event raised 2000 dollars towards the funding goals of the for the building completion.

While the event did not raise as much as we would have liked to help get the building process going, I saw the event as a success. It demonstrated a capacity to bring people together for a unique cultural and social exchange that’s out of the ordinary, everyday grind and routine. For me the cultural highlights of the event included: the chance to see magnificent African handcrafts; sample wonderful West African food and; socialize with some of the amazing people in Jacqueline’s network.

I became aware of her work through her contacting me via LinkedIn. She learned of me through a colleague that I had worked with via oneVillage Foundation – Jacob Odame – in Ghana. Jacob is her IT advisor.

The fundraiser was located at Fixtures Living and that was a bit of a surprise in terms of seeing a level of opulence and luxury in interior design that I am not used to seeing.

Fixtures Living has events at night at the store so that makes the faux cafe/bar area more interesting, innovative and functional.

The venue included a nice bar and cafe area that is functional and is used to host events that the fundraiser that Jacqueline organized.
A locally produced beer was one of the items they were auctioning off and also vodka that a small distiller was on hand to promote - St Pete's Vodka.
One of the most challenging aspects of starting up and running a NGO is raising money. There was considerable preparation and planning to organize the fundraiser. There was a silent auction and also a real live auction. The fundraising raised about 2000 dollars.
Laurel was on hand with her partner Levy who is from Africa (Benin) with some African handcrafts

Levy and Craig were the DJs for the day offering up a mix of mellow music.
Tony Tiso of La Serenissima Winery was on hand to offer a taste of his family made product which they produce on a small 25 acre winery in Warner Springs CA
Flipping Pizza is a local Pizza Chain they have about 12 stores in SD area. Here the owner of the Encinitas store is getting some pizza ready.
Models from a local talent agency were featured at the event to showcase the products and services being sold.


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