4 Reasons to Go to The Global Summit

A major reason I am going the Nov 8 Global Summit is because central to my life path and work has been the goal of developing a more holistic and integrated approach to human development.

Attached below are some documents that give you more information about the event.

4 Reasons Why I am Going to The Global Summit

Develop a conference process that’s woven into a system of global collaboration that:

  1. Brings relevant groups together for face to face meetings;
  2. Develops a training process to enable multisector approaches to development and then as appropriate supports it;
  3. Facilitates a process of collaboration between those groups.
  4. Highlights cutting edge approaches and technologies esp. with regards to improving economic performance without sacrificing ecological integrity.

For more about the conference go to the website http://www.theglobalsummit.org

Practical reason #1 to attend is that there will be a number of noted speakers at the event including and so its a networking opportunity with people doing work in areas relevant to you:

  1. organicARCHITECT: Eric Corey Freed
  2. Director, WiserEarth an online database and social networking site of environmental and sustainability NGOs around the globe: Peggy Duvette
  3. President, Future 500: Bill Shireman
  4. Founder, Coalition for a Sustainable Africa and associate producer of the 11th Hour Documentary that Leonardo De Caprio put together: Stephan McGuire
  5. Founder, Global Exchange (they want to built a green business center in SF): Dr. Kevin Danaher
  6. CEO, Natural Logic a green sustainability expert and consultant: Gil Friend
  7. Fast Company Sustainability Blogger: Lewis Perkins
  8. NY Times Best Selling Author Confessions of a Economic Hitman: John Perkins
  9. Conscious Evolutionary: Barbara Marx Hubbard

Practical reason #2 for attending is that they will be having a Sustainable Tech Expo. if you are involved in this field, it could be an opportunity to showcase something in relation to what you have been doing that connects with sustainable development. And even if you are not interested in exhibiting, its an chance to see some of the innovative things going on in the networks of people coming together for this conference… http://www.theglobalsummit.org/TechExpo.html

For more Information:

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