10.08.10 San Francisco Fort Mason Center: Global Summit II

I will be attending The Global Summit at Fort Mason Center in SF on Nov 8th. The first preparatory event was held in Nov 08 at the Presidio in SF. Before the first event in 08, I did some volunteer work for Empowerment Works which included some strategy planning, edit and design for the event. I had the chance to go and speak as a presenter on my organization’s work (oneVillage Foundation) in Africa (Ghana).

Recently, I had the chance to listen to a several part series interview of Melanie by Voice America Business Internet Radio personality David Gibbons. It also included an interview with Barbara Marx-Hubbard who spoke with Melanie about the “Delivery of a whole system approach in addressing humanity’s most critical challenges from the ground up.” on October 14, 2010 (Part 3 of 4 in Series). From Gibbon’s website, I saw that Buckminster Fuller called Barbara Marx Hubbard “the best informed human now alive regarding futurism and the foresights it has produced,” and that she was “regarded as his philosophical heir.” In a nutshell…”The insights she has gained has led to her definitive message of hope that “Our crisis is a birth” of a more universal human and universal humanity.”


Melanie’s has sought to link social justice, hands on international policy research and private sector entrepreneurship to enable more holistic and multi-sector collaboration. After founding Empowerment Works (EW) in 2001, she developed EW’s “7 Stages to Sustainability” approach to Asset Based Community Development. Most recently she has applied those techniques to her recent teaching of the 7 Stages to Sustainability curriculum (Fall 2009) to 90+ young women leaders in China for the World Academy for the Future of Women.

My organization OVF, supported her selection as the Co-Chair on one of the panels discussing The Role of Technology on Indigenous Culture at the 5th International Symposium on Digital Earth in 2006. Also in April 2007 I worked with Melanie on designing and planning for the first national press-conference on Colony Collapse Disorder, “Bees, Bio diversity and Food Security.” The event brought expert insights on sustainable agriculture, critical food security and bio-diversity to the mainstream media through the LA Times and the LA NBC affiliate.

Why The Global Summit?

The idea of the The Global Summit is to bring in stakeholders to this event who can co-create a process by which we can build Collective IQ in the emerging network that has brought us together for this conference. TGS is more than an event, I see it as a platform for the development of programs and projects that reflect our shared values, bringing people, knowledge and the resources to deliver results together collectively and collaboratively. This is to be part of a “whole system approach to address humanity’s most critical challenges from the ground up.” Key to my attraction to the concept of the conference is that we want to make it a “catalyst for year-round collaboration of citizens, businesses and organizations working together to co-create a sustainable future.”

The Stated Objectives:

  1. Create the world’s first global citizen voting platform.
  2. Achieve the 8 Millennium Development Goals & The Earth Charter.
  3. Catalyze immediate climate change solutions & sustainable development.

How the Global Summit Approach is Unique

Promoting best practices in locally-led sustainable development, The Global Summit serves to unify and train global Partners in Empowerment (PIE) in the 7 Stages to Sustainability educational framework.

  1. Applying advances in communications to empower new voices to be heard;
  2. Unites the most powerful and grass-roots change makers to co-create hands-on solutions;
  3. Catalyze local action;
  4. Share what works best and facilitate innovation between network via what computer augmentation experts like Doug Engelbart call Collective IQ;
  5. Disseminate the most effective sustainable technologies on earth around alternative economic and governance models to create a global sustainable society.

Promoting Sustainability Innovation through the Tech Expo

The event will feature a Sustainable Technology Expo. The theme will be “21st Century Cities” and will feature some of the technologies that potentially offer inspirational solutions for the rapid development of a Global Sustainable Society. A question that we must consider in this process is how to deploy those technologies in a way that is humane, truly sustainable and empowering to the people in the communities that make up humanity. The conference is designed to highlight the convergence of key groups to push forward the kind of multisector approaches needed to accomplish the stages of development mentioned in the section above (How The Global Summit is Unique).

At the nexus of economic development and environmental solutions is The Global Summit Sustainable Technology Expo. To demonstrate what’s working to all stakeholders, this front and center showcase runs full-time during all programming and during evening cultural events.

Celebrating the theme of “21st Century Cities”, The Global Summit II Sustainable Tech Expo features the greenest, cleanest and most grass-roots friendly technologies in 8 key categories (based on white paper by Tony Livoti of www.MBITA.org) that can create truly viable 21st Century Cities.

  1. Proficient water purification, conservation and recycling systems
  2. Capable waste management and recycling systems that process waste at the source
  3. Clean transportation systems designed for walking, bicycling  and efficient transportation tramways
  4. Self-sustained renewable energy sources from wind, sun, bio-fuel crops, geothermal and waste mass integrated into a smart micro-grid energy plant
  5. Up-link satellite communication centers for education, business and entertainment
  6. Sustainable agricultural centers employing hydroponics, aqua-ponics, aero-ponics, vertical agriculture and other sustainable, agro-technology systems
  7. Preventive Medicine center that encompasses all of the products, technologies, remedies and sciences behind holistic medicine
  8. Green Construction center with efficient, portable, alterable, cost-effective and innovative building methodologies

Download Tech Expo Press Release

TGS as a Social Enterprise
The Global Summit is a 100% for-impact initiative with all proceeds supporting locally-led, sustainable development programs and education.

You can register here for the event.

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