Solaroof @ Arcosanti?

SolaRoof’s Rick Nelson is in Norway now. He says good things are happening there to get his SolaRoof system into production. He reports that several sites will get operational in the next few weeks/months.

The goal is to deploy at multiple locations around the world as part of a global sustainability network. I see as possibly promoting a integrated approach to sustainable community development. By using state of the art greenhouse growing and waste recycling technologies we can through such strategies transition humanity to a more sustainable footing.

So far there are several projects developing in Norway, a couple in the UK, one in Poland and several proposed in Africa. Each project will be similar so that they can go into production about 1000 square feet or 100 M2 using biological hydroponics (aquaponics).

The budget is a turnkey system delivered for $25,000 USD but the subsequent projects can be replicated locally at cost. This can become the basis for a social enterprise. This technology is considered to be “non-commercial” and therefore is a FREE access and use under our CCPL

Schumacher College has been engaged with the SolarRoof concept for now over 2 years. They see the potential of the technology as a “game changer.” Jon Rae, D.Phil. Vocations & Enterprise at Schumacher College says that, “when coupled with its relative simplicity and its ability to operate at various scales Solar Roof is appropriate technology enabling individuals, communities and enterprise to re-localise food production and better secure reliable and cost-accessible supply.”

One of the things I have proposed is to set up a greenhouse relatively close to our sewage lagoon, so we could tap that effluent flow. Rick says one company in the UK working on this is Organic Power and is researching its utlization as a “biomass builder.” Rick mentioned that a key component of the project was the consideration of waste into biomass and biofuels. This is one of the things that they are working on with another biofuels pioneer Lindum in Norway. Rick says Lindum – their Norwegian partner – is a world leader in these systems.

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