William’s EcoPedia

A former alumni and workshop coordinator has recently published a book about sustainability called William’s Ecopedia

Wes Ozier was the Workshop Coordinator at Arcosanti for several years in the early 2000s. I had the chance to work with him here at Arcosanti during that time.

He has since then worked as a Ecosa Institute staff member, a volunteer for the USGBC, and student of the ASU School of Sustainability. Most recently he has been involved at the Lost Valley Educational Center in charge of educational and workshop development.

See this video of the actor Ellen Page as she talks about her experiences at the Lost Valley Educational Center on Jay Leno.

He has recently become a self-published author with his first book titled “William’s Ecopedia: Topics in Sustainability from Arcology to Xeriscaping” Its a compilation of articles that he’s written over, since he became interested in sustainability and green design.

Centered around the topic of sustainability, they highlight a variety of topics that are of interest to him. This includes: aquapaonics, community supported agriculture, ecomachines, sustainable materials

He wrote so that it would be understandable by the layman, but also stimulating for professionals as well. He says that this “book will give you an insight into understanding what it will take for us all to make a sustainable future together.”

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