Robin Eagle Sage on Shifting towards more Sustainable Living

A few weeks ago I went to see Happy Oasis at Happy Oasis whom I had previously met at the Global Summit 2008 in SF (The person and place is of the same name which is sort of unusual.) Happy organizes the Raw Spirit Festival which is an annual event promoting a diet of primarily or only raw foods. The pot luck was a chance to go to the Prescott Dells which is a scenic attraction just east and north of Prescott. Happy has created a small community on the property she owns which includes about 10 people right now and there is also a network of people in the area who also support her efforts.

One of the people I met at the Potluck wasRobin Eagle Sage, who is a Medical Intuitive. In case you were wondering, a medical intuitive looks at energy flows within the body to determine problems that are existing within us. Usually these problems relate to inner pain and suffering as part of our past experiences. So basically it revolves around disease and our reluctance and fear to overcome what is bothering us as human beings. So the pain that we have mentally/emotions overwhelms us and starts to do damage to the body. Thus things like Yoga, massage, Tai Chi and acupuncture help us to heal these internal mental/emotional/spiritual problems that afflict us.

Basically there is a school of thought that links this idea of internal dis-ease with larger health problems that have social and geopolitical implications. Overcoming our unconscious thoughts and frustrations that we have accumulated through life and to be that light that is deep inside of us that wants to come out is for some the real purpose to life. To experience, learn and to be…
Expanding upon this is the reality of the human condition and that our disregard and degradation of the planet is related to collectivization of that personal sickness and fear.

We discussed the Law of Attraction in relation to seeing how our thinking creates our reality. So when we do not care for ourselves we create a setting for perpetuating that thinking and attracting people who think similarly about themselves. On the other hand, when we think positively about ourselves and life in general, we find that we can get what we need out of life and more.

Robin’s book is in a competition to win a book contract and $50,000. It is sponsored by James Twyman and called “The Next Top Author.” If you vote for her she could win. Her book is about sustainability from the inside out as well as health and community. Round 2 voting for her book has begun and the 1st chapter is online here.

Her goal is to win a book contract and also $50,000 to forward her work. She has combined the effort of her book with the development of an eco-community and a establishing an international free-education program.

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