Arcosanti Musings

Some months ago when I went to Arcosanti Manager Meeting as a Stand-in for my boss. They discussed an article in the Washington Examiner – that was we felt unfairly critical of Arcosanti:

Soleri’s vision — of Earth’s population confined to high-density communities — is shared by some of the more extreme elements of the environmental movement now gathered in Copenhagen. There’s even a new, Soleri-inspired project starting in Abu Dhabi. But it’s hard to imagine many Americans ever living in an arcology, except perhaps at gunpoint. If you want to see why, just pay a visit to Arcosanti.

Byron York, The Examiner’s chief political correspondent, can be contacted at His column appears on Tuesday and Friday, and his stories and blog posts appears on

Read more at the Washington Examiner:

A Vivaldi themed act came up to Arcosanti last night. Attendance seemed good. I missed it because I was washing dishes. Really I am not bitter about it but I would have liked to have seen it.

I dont much about the AZ Green Party Event other than I know it is in May and its the last thing our current Kitchen Manager will be doing here before she leaves..

22 people from Wentworth just finished their workshop and it seemed they were pretty satisfied with the chance to work as a way to complement their academic studies. It was hard to get to know them all but I got to know a few including Scott Morgan who has a small firm doing green design/build work:

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