Give the Earth a Hand by Living More Sustainably in your Everyday Life

One of the challenges of global development strategies is that they have not been well coordinated and designed to ensure that the bulk of the world’s people who are not in affluent regions do not make the same missteps of those in affluent regions. My colleague Nadia Begin shared with me this video by Greenpeace India which documents some of the issues with infinite wants in a finite world. More important titled “Earth Day: Give the Earth a Hand” it expresses the desire of the world’s unspoken majorities to live with clean water, clean air and to protect and respect the environment which is the source of our life.

See also 256 other Greenpeace videos on YouTube:

The very nature of modern life has expressed its dysfunctionality in so many diverse and holistic ways . One of the ways I have long observed is the way in which our food is processed to such a degree that we no longer really understand what we are eating or the fully ramifications of what we eat.

Shine is a new brand on Yahoo. Its interesting to see mainstream attempts to finally address the emerging disaster of our high processed diets in which our bodies have to deal with many foods that are not only alien to it but also toxic:

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