Introducing Tucson-based Organic Gardener Emily Piper

I was recently made aware of Emily Piper (the woman who will be traveling with Jade Sylvan when she visits and performs at Arcosanti):

“I am a School Garden Coordinator for the Community Food Resource Center, a department of the Community Food Bank in Tucson. I provide teachers with resources to help get them started for organic vegetable gardening. We require that schools engage in a composting project and teach about food security if they want to work closely with us. I teach workshops on site design, soil and composting and planting a healthy garden at the schools. We think the most successful gardens are those which are self-sustaining, which is why we teach about soil types for effective watering, composting to reduce external inputs, etc. We suggest sunken beds for passive water harvesting and we are hoping to assist schools with water harvesting barrels in the future.

I also work in the demonstration and market garden here at the food bank, where we use the same sustainable methods of sunken beds, composting, mulching, and more. We save our seeds and have a 14,000-gallon cistern to collect from our roof. When that was installed we did a groundworks workshop with Watershed Management Group.

I have also met with Brad Lancaster, author of Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands, about his sustainability work, as well as members of a community in Cascabel, Ariz., about sustainable methods.”

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