Permaculture Farming Expert Agaja Olu Enhoro Visits Arcosanti

On Tuesday night Agaja Olu Enhoro and John Bianchini came by and spent the night. I met Agaja through Joy Tang who I work with via oneVillage Foundation.

John Bianchini came with him to Arcosanti. He is involved with one of the largest Community Supported Agriculture projects in the country. Based in Phoenix its a pretty large operation with about 15 staff. Agaja is planning to do the August workshop at Arcosanti.

Agaja Olu Enahoro has specialized in agriculture and particularly organic farming and permaculture. I met Agaja through my colleague Joy Tang who founded oneVillage Foundation. Since then he has served as an advisor to oneVillage Foundation in the ongoing development of agricultural programs and shares a common interest with us in creating ecological, sustainable communities.

Of note is his work in the pioneering development of sustainable and organic agriculture. This includes studying the work of Alan Chadwick, a pioneering organic farming expert,  who in 1976 co-presented with Paolo Soleri. Agaja met with Paolo at that seminar at UC, Berkeley in 1976, which he recalled to me during his recent visit to Arcosanti. He has continued to have an interest in Arcosanti and after having moved to Pheonix last year saw a potential opportunity to come here and learn more about Arcosanti by participating in the workshop program.

Agaja is a Biodynamic French intensive Horticulturalist (horticulture is the art form of agriculture…smaller scale…same methodologies/approaches). He has more recently expanded his expertise to include the principles/methodologies of Permaculture. He continues to develop a understanding of permaculture and innovative approaches in permaculture, particularly the work of Sepp Holzen who is doing amazing work in the alpine mountains of Austria and who he feels “best exhibits the concepts of sovereignty, self-sufficiency, & self-reliance centered in Gaia.”

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