Green Festival San Francisco

I just got this from Cosanti Foundation Boardmember Michael Gosney. He is involved in the Green Festival along with former Planetwork organizer Karri Winn:

  • Director João Amorim’s new film 2012: Time for Change featuring Daniel Pinchbeck will be screening here in SF . Gosney says the film “not only does it convey the history and meaning of the Mayan Calendar, and the significance it places on the 2012 era we are now living through, but more it goes into an informative and inspiring exploration of the people and projects and movements that embody our species-wide transformation that is most assuredly well underway.”
  • He mentioned a Panel at Green Festival  in SF on Saturday 4/10 at 2 pm on the main stage with Barbara Marx Hubbard, John Perry Barlow and Tiokasin Ghosthorse.
  • Finally, the 2012: Time for Change After Party will be Sunday 4/11 at The Sera Phi Center 1117 Howard Street, Admission is $10—or free with movie ticket stub. By the way if you come to Green Festival please check out the many great speakers and panels, including a number that I had the pleasure of putting together for this first Spring event: Hunter Lovins (1 pm Sat), Barbara Marx Hubbard (4 pm Sat) and several panels: Shaping the Big Vision: Building a Green Bay Area (1 pm Sat); Alternative Exchange Systems for Sustainable Wealth (12 pm Sat), Should Corporations Have the Same Rights as People with Marc Kasky, Bonnie Bonnie Nixon and Kevin Danaher (5 pm Sat), Financial Incentives for Living Green in SF (12 pm Sat), Economic Relationships for Social Transformation – The Mondragon Model of Worker Ownership with Georgia Kelly (1 pm Sun), Edible City – Building a Sustainable Food System in the Bay Area (12 pm Sun), Eco-birthing with Molly Arthur (1 pm Sat), Green Design with Fred Stitt (3 pm Sat).

Green Festival site:

Downloadable program guide:

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