Ryann Rosenblatt Donates 135 Loquat Trees to Arcosanti

Ryan Rosenblatt is a Loquat grower and in January he donated 135 Loquat trees to Arcosanti. On Tuesday, with the completion of the High Tunnel Greenhouse (we wrapped the greenhouse membrane cover over the greenhouse frame) underneath the pool we moved some of the Loquats there from the main Camp Greenhouse.

I found a bit of background on Loquats here in this blogpost: Invasion of the Loquats.

He came while the Kansas City Art Institute students were here on a field trip led by Arcosanti alum Russell Fergerson. In the process of transporting and delivering the trees, he interviewed several of them and also the instructor of the class.

The larger ones are approximately two years old and the seedlings are about six months old.

Loquats are originally from China and are used medicinally through extracting various parts of the plant as an aphrodisiac, and to help people who have asthma. There may be other medicinal uses as well.

Loquats have delicious fruit which is vaguely reminiscent of pear, but more tart, tangy and wild. There are cultivars of loquat which have larger fruit than the seedlings.

These 135 loquat trees were grown from five loquat trees in several locations in SF Bay Area: Bolinas, Mill Valley, and Berkeley, and he adds there might be a few from Palo Alto.