Sustainable Living and Design Programs at Lost Valley Educational Center

Wes Ozier former workshop coordinator at Arcosanti just sent me this email about his work at the Lost Valley Educational Center in Dexter OR. As director of The Camassia Institute he is in charge of education and also plays a key role in the development at LVEC.

A major feature of the Camassia Institute are the permaculture and sustainable design and development programs that empower “you to live and learn more sustainably, through courses in permaculture, sustainable design and community organization.” The courses balance academic, professional or personal needs and interests in sustainable living and design.

As a live and work environment similar to Arcosanti, students stay at housing located at LVEC. There seems to be an awareness that along with the unique learning environment comes a need for a unique approach of living in a “aspiring ecovillage, learning and living right alongside our community residents.” Also similar to Arcosanti there are three choices although they are packaged differently to suit people’s varying interests interests and “life circumstances” that include: one week, one month and also seasonal programs.

The One Week offering is a Sustainability Seminar that gives you a overview of green building, permaculture, and ecovillage design through a combination of lectures and activities. During this week you participate in the construction of a single ecobuilding demonstration project

The Five Week Full Programs include:

  1. A holistic, hands-on intro to creating ‘eco’ structures
  2. Learning about Permaculture Design
  3. Ecovillage Design Education  for those interested in organizing their local community or starting their own intentional community

The Seasonal Immersion Program is a three month program that rolls the ecobuilding, permaculture and ecovillage design programs above into one “comprehensive immersive learning experience.”

Lost Valley has events relating to sustainability throughout the year that people can participate in:

For more info…contact them by e-mail, or phone (541) 937-3351.