Alum Lou Dallara sent us this to the Arco Alum Discussion Group:

Scott Riley, Planning Director at Arcosanti is coming to Drexel to present new 3-d modeling images of Arcosanti and other arcology designs. The images of Arcosanti are dramatic and include the new designs for the upcoming Critical Mass development. These images include detailing of the interiors and exteriors of the hotel and residential West Crescent, Pizza Piazza, the Greenhouse and the Teilhard Complex

These images use the latest computer technology and you will feel like you are “there”. The images show views looking at the exterior and views from the interior of the building looking out. It’s the latest and greatest that technology can produce The plans come “alive”

Drexel University is helping things move ahead at Arcosanti. Recently the University sent students and professors from its new cities initiative to Arcosanti to develop plans addressing innovative energy and water resource issues

This event is sponsored by the Arcosanti Alumni Network. At the meeting you will also see a preview of the new alumni website. So save the date–this is all new and you won’t want to miss it.

It also would be good to hear about how the proposed plans make Arcosanti’s Ecological Footprint lighter and also the principles and vision for those renderings. What is the economic engine behind it?

For example how can Arcosanti emerge as a real “generative process” of new ideas and become truly experimental in that process?

When we consider Chardin and what he was saying that Paolo Soleri incorporated into Arcology, then that is the reality that emerges…that is not just theories of Arcologies as physical spaces of convergence that are driven by say nicely done renderings, but also a process for rethinking our behaviors and organizations that operate on a higher level of existence. So that is the struggle often faced in humanity. There is a desire, a wish and an inclination to apply nice packaging to a product and then expect that to embraced in a way that creates meaningful change in putting forward what many feel is a desirable effort and outcome (such as building an Arcology). Possibly this is a first step in a deeper process of redevelopment, rethinking and “reformulation” (as Paolo Soleri would say we need reformulation and not simply reform!) of the Arcosanti/Arcology product or brand (for lack of a better word).

Still thinking on the product level a serious proposal for developing Arcosanti into a fully operational Arcology or say doing the Lean Linear City somewhere else involves a lot of heavy and weighty considerations.

I found this site on Prescencing from Sherri Herndon who I am now working with on a project called the Global Summit

Theory U: Leading from the future as it emerges.
The social technology of presencing.

In his book, Otto Scharmer invites us to see the world in new ways—and to learn from the future as it emerges. It all hinges on our attention. “If I attend this way, it emerges that way.” But what often keeps us from “attending” is what Scharmer calls our blind spot”¦the inner place from which each of us operates. Unless we become aware of that blind spot—both as individuals and as communities and larger systems—we won’t be able to successfully address the pressing issues and challenges of our time.

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