Health Care and Arcology

Its clear that current health care approaches are not working. With health care spending such a high proportion of GDP, we need to do better through to emphasize that we are trying to get the cost down because we are not currently getting a very good value for the dollar. A comprehensive approach is needed. Why is the mainstream political establishment so lacking in its ability to articulate this? Maybe because at its roots it is shocking indictment of how we have evolved as Americans. And as we have uncritically accepted what was packaged to us as the American Dream with its conspicuous consumption and unintended global consequences, we are saddled with a huge debt. So rather than continuing to treat the symptoms, we need to isolate the cause which is a bloated health care apparatus that is living off the fat, bloated cancer of the American Dream that we Americans have become. So the challenges is how do we address the fact that the cancer/disease industry is not just about curing cancer but also causing and perpetuating cancer causing behaviors and lifestyles? The fact that many of our biggest corporations are behind this is more challenging because that means that reformist politicians understandably want to keep the focus on a more bite size piece of corrupt nation state pie – the health care sector. What if the real problem is not health care, but the very nature of what we evolved to become as Americans dependent on a corporate state apparatus that is not concerned with our best interests as human beings?

One thought on “Health Care and Arcology

  1. I am a retired secondary teacher who believes much of what is now offered in high schools in the U.S. is useless and boring. Teachers are not allowed to
    innovate and experiment with the students and develop meaningful curriculum, studies
    for future sustainable modes of living.
    This transcends studies qualifing for current ‘approved’jobs that center on
    merely MAKING MONEY. Education should empower youth to question and alter culture
    and economics. Otherwise it is in all ways . . sterile . . not worth my time.

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