Puppet Show in Central Taipei

Scott and I had dinner at a all you can eat pizza and pasta place for 350NTD just a few blocks from our flat. The pizza wasn’t bad and possibly this may have somethng to do with the link between Italian and Chinese culinary arts. Marco Polo supposedly brought something resembling a pizza from China that some say impacted the development of pizza in Italy. But the pesto pasta dish…well maybe they’d be better off to leave that to the Italians. We met up with some friends and saw a Chinese Puppetshow in Central Taipei.

Later on foot, we went through the capital district and saw the Presidential Palace, Central and Armed Forces HQ. After that we saw some of the shops and peddlers in the central shopping district. It was quite a site to see a whole block of peddlers vanish almost into thin air as they apparently got advance notice of a policemen on motorbike patrolling the area. There was a young woman playing the drums to rock-n-roll music and also a woman who made outwork out of straws – a classic example of Chinese innovation and ingenuity. I bought one of her peices for $150NTD. Oh and I almost forgot the street entertainer with the pet squirrel who he trained to pose with onlookers.

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