05.5-8.10 | New Orleans: CBA 20th Conf: Transforming Communities through Collective Action

I just got a press release from the Community Built Assoc. about their May 2010 2oth anniversary conference that will bring together COMMUNITY BUILDERS FROM AROUND THE COUNTRY TO CONVENE IN NEW ORLEANS. The theme of the event is Transforming Communities through Collective Action.

Read more about it below…

August 21, 2009 – The Community Built Association (CBA) is gathering in New Orleans for their 20th anniversary conference, Transforming Communities through Collective Action, May 5-8, 2010 at the Renaissance Arts Hotel. The conference will bring together professionals of many backgrounds, educators and students, volunteers, community leaders, as well as new and old friends to further the education of the collaborative skills of professionals and community volunteers who design, organize and create projects that reshape the physical environment.

New Orleans, a site of intense rebuilding, much of which is being informed by community built practices, will offer models in action of the CBA’s mission with culturally rich and innovative locations, projects and programs.

CBA welcomes community builders from all over the country to share their experiences, as well as expand their knowledge on how to transform the public spaces that we share. Artists, community organizers, playground designers, students, community gardeners, city and neighborhood planners, architects, landscape architects and designers, muralists, storytellers, sculptors, park developer’s, music makers, and community volunteers are among the people who will attend and benefit from this conference.

The Community Built Association’s 20th Anniversary Conference, Transforming Communities Through Collective Action will feature powerful presentations and unique hands-on workshops that further the practice of uniting professionals with volunteers to develop innovative community projects that transform our urban and r ural spaces.

Community-built professionals will present and participate in discussions of topics such as participatory design, funding, storytelling, community gardens, natural school yards, playgrounds, the importance of ‘play’, gathering spaces, and public art. Hands-on workshops will focus on a variety of artistic disciplines, including mosaics, musical instruments, sculpture and installations, that will expand the technical knowledge of participants.

Founded in 1989, The Community Built Association is a not-for-profit association of community members and professionals who are involved in all aspects of the community-built field. Community-built is defined as an interactive and collaborative process that involves local communities and volunteers in the design, organization, and creation of community projects. Community-built projects promote community bonding and foster ownership and pride by uniting communities to collaborate on cooperative projects, such as parks, gardens, playgrounds, murals, mosaics and sculptures. The CBA welcomes new members of all disciplines.

For more information about CBA and the conference, please visit http://www.communitybuilt.org.

Sherri Warner Hunter, B.O.D. President
PO Box 115
Parrott, GA 39877

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