Voices of Arcosanti Update: Submissions Due April 30

From Cosanti Foundation board member Michel Sarda regarding a collection of passages about Arcosanti called Voices of Arcosanti:

February 3, 2009


Dear friend of Arcosanti.

A number of initiatives are under way to celebrate Paolo Soleri’s 90th birthday in June. The most visible is expected to be the groundbraking of the Scottsdale Bridge. Others include a new Quaderno on Arcosanti, possibly the release of “Essential Soleri” compiled and edited by Lisa McCullough, exhibitions, receptions, etc.

Two years ago, after discussing the concept with Arcosanti residents, I offered to collect testimonials from those alumni or residents willing to share how this experience contributed to their personal lives and professional training, shaped their ideas and characters.

The project was well received because being published contributes a form of recognition. Now is the time to complete this project and present it to Paolo in June in the form of a book. Feel free to forward it to fellow alumni or residents you believe might be interested in joining in. Should you be willing to participate in this initiative, please review the attached flyer. Time is of the essence, and all submissions must be received by April 30th. Thank you for your consideration.

Warm regards Michel F. Sarda Publisher Encl.

Michel also provided some helpful tips to guide potential submitters of content:

  • What made you decide to come and stay at Arcosanti?
  • How was the difference between what you expected and the reality of Arcosanti?
  • How did hear of Paolo Soleri?
  • Do you remember a special day, a special moment at Arcosanti?
  • Did you keep letters you sent to family or friends? Would you share excerpts of them?
  • The book will be printed using a POD (print-on-demand) outfit, most likely Lulu.com. This makes it very easy to add contributions to further editions of the book later. But here we are talking of the 90th-Birthday Edition – don’t miss it!

    Add a short (150 words max) biography to open your contribution. Please also include your best head shot (JPEG 300 dpi 2″x3″) – we want to recognize you

    Please keep in mind that all texts (in Word format please) must be received by April 30 in order to be made into a book by June 21.

Submissions Details:

Book project VOICES of ARCOSANTI: 6″ x 9″ quality trade paperback w/ BW illustrations Concept Nonprofit, non-commercial publication offering a forum to Arcosanti residents and alumni interested in sharing the motivation and the impact of their encounter with Paolo Soleri and their Arcosanti experience.

Net proceeds to benefit the Cosanti Foundation: Contributors retain all rights on their text. Each contributor receives 2 complimentary copies of the book and can buy more at cost (under $10 per copy).

Format: Short essays (2 to 10 pages – up to 5,000 words or more), recollection of memorable moments, poems, journals, conversations, School of Thought, etc. — to be e-mailed, in plain Word format (no special formatting please). Each contributor is presented in a 250-word biographical sketch (photo optional but recommended).

Timeframe: The book is intended to be presented to Paolo for his 90th birthday in June, 2009. All materials to be submitted before April 30, 2009.

Distribution: Cosanti & Arcosanti gift shops and galleries. Special events Arcosanti website.

Send Submissions to: buderman@gmail.com

One thought on “Voices of Arcosanti Update: Submissions Due April 30

  1. I came to Arcosanti because of my extreme interest in global sustainability and integral dialogue as a means of accomplishing the essential facilitation of optimal human activity. I had studdied R. Buckminster Fuller’s work extensively and had learned to apply myself within the technological presentation of information and chose to offer my computer-oriented technical skills to Paolo Soleri and assist him with the demonstration of integrity in architecture in the form of “Archology” or Architectural Ecology. Having Assisted Apple Computer in the development of the concept of multimeida and developed and directed the Multimedia Lab at NewMedia Magazine for developers of desktop media I assisted Arcosanti with creating the first computer CAD animation 3-D fly-through of the Arcosanti Project. I helped Tomiaki, Scott Davis, and Karen Taylor network the computers in the various Arcosanti offices with AppleTalk over telephone wires so that they could all get on the internet during a time when only telephone dial-up (not even DSL) was available. I helped Jeff Manta who was the Arcosanti Digital Librarian insure the safety and security of the Arcosanti digital documentation effort to backup all of the digital photos, audio, and videos and produce desktop media and publishing artifacts. Another friend of mine and Arcosanti resident Robert David used to work with a bigger/wider guy and one of their jobs was to process and dump the compost at about 4:20 each day. He loved that job because he got to get away for a little while. He was also one of the first Arcosanti website guys and was studying to get a degree in internet website programming HTML/PhP/CSS at one of the Arizona universities and I helped him do some things with the Arcosanti website that he had not learned to do yet. When housing space started to become scarce we talked about the possibility of inhabiting or colonizing the air duct that permitted air to flow throughout the resident housing facilities. Not the best idea but an exercise in brainstorming any and all possibilities. I did not have much money so I appreciated the opportunity to eat complimentary healthy consciously prepared food in the cafeteria and not only learn about Arcosanti and integral architectural design but to assist in my small way. I also feel very honored to have had the opportunity to have profound private conversations with Paolo Soleri which have helped to keep me focused in living in integrity with nature and the planet as a whole.

    My photo is at:

    You have my permission to reformat the above text like creating paragraphs and/or correcting and/or enhancing the factual information.

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