Feb Workshop Graduation

Every month besides Dec and Jan, we have 5 week workshops at Arcosanti. The workshop program provides participants with a chance to learn more about life at Arcosanti and the background for the project includes several field trips down to Cosanti and Tallesin West as well, a hike around Arcosanti and several lectures about the project and theory of Arcology that is supposed to be driving it. Then in week 2 after the Cosanti tour in Pheonix, participants select a department to work in such as construction and begin work in their dept. Finally in week five they recieve their diplomas as seen below.

This group was a bit older than some other workshops and had established themselves in positions such as Ryan Weinman who is a architect, and Chris Reighley who most recently worked as a computer programmer, Laura Dunn worked for a bank in their real estate division and Nathan Hodgson who is trained in renewable energy held a job at a solar install company.

Possibly it was for this reason that they seemed to be an outstanding group who were very reliable and quick to learn new skills and master their tasks during their time in the works.

5 of the 7 Feb workshoppers decided to stay on after the workshops in various departments.

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