Filming Carried Away at Arcosanti

On Sat and today, several of us here had the chance to participate in the filming of a movie. Director, producer and writer Tom Huckabee sees the movie as an opportunity to draw attention to the way that we treat our elderly people in America.

The movie is called Carried Away and stars Gabriel Horn as Ed who creates mayhem within his already dysfunctional family by kidnapping (she was a willing accomplice actually) his grandma and taking her across the country to keep her from being forced into a nursing home. Below is more about the film from the Carried Away website:

“Carried Away” is about a young man (Gabriel Horn) seeking his fortune in California, who abducts his paternal grandmother (Juli Erickson) from a nursing home in Fort Worth, Texas. The woman suffers from stroke-related dementia and believes she’s being held in a state prison. The unlikely duo are pursued by the young man’s father (Mark Walters) and brothers (Bryan Massey and Tyler Corrie). The movie addresses the way American society often dumps its elderly and infirm in so-called “Medicare mills” and forgets about them. It also stars Morgana Shaw and Jennifer Sipes.

In my research on the cast and crew I saw that Tom has been involved in several productions with fellow Texan and noted actor Bill Paxton including a breakout production called Breaking Tiger Mountaion in 1983.

More interesting to me than actually being an extra was having a chance to see the whole experience and to see how the film-making process works. For example this film which was done with a low budget has a large staff of people. Sometimes they do multiple roles but still the whole filming process at Arco involved about 30 crew and cast members.

Thanks to Gregor for making it happen!

Below are some pictures that Chirhiro shared with me from the shoot in the Cafe on Sat….

More about the film:

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