Another Day in the Life of a Arconaut

Well you know your in trouble when comic book like futuristic B movies like Robocop seem prophetic about the future.  In an article (Detroit’s outlook falls along with home prices) on Chicago Tribune online I  see the reality that Detroit has not hit bottom yet:

It may be tough to get financing for a new car these days, but in Detroit you can buy a house with a credit card. The median price of a home sold in Detroit in December was $7,500, according to Realcomp, a listing service.

Yes that right the average price of a house in Detroit is not 75,000 would be bad enough but a paltry $7500. Some are predicting that Detroit will be the first city to go bankrupt in the US. I still remember from my childhood days when NYC faced the fiscal crisis of the 70s when urban blight rapidly expanded throughout the city and trash did not get collected in some areas for quite some time. However it seems that America’s inner core urban areas because of neglect and avoidance of the problem of our declining cities, faces an even more daunting situation now with the possibility of America not being in a deep recession but a depression that might even rival what was experienced in the 30s.

The idea of course is to consider a grand plan for investment in American cities that is considering a comprehensive approach to the redevelopment of the inner core of America. This is not necessary a case for considering Arcology in a strict interpretation but rather to loosely consider Arcology and other visionary ideas for rebuilding American society. Paolo interestingly offers an alternative to the old revolution vs reform debate model by saying that the answer is reformulation.

Finally I set up the ArcoPedia on Netcipia with the goal of providing a translation of Arcology that could be eventually published in a book. As I considered what to what in the section of the wiki titled HyperBuilding (its a work in progress), I discovered the MEGAblog which has an interested excerpt about the Paolo Most Vertical and Phallically inclined Megastructure.

Of course when I did a search on HyperBuilding I found something that Libby/Doctress Nuetopia write about it (The Love Project: The Two-As-One-World Philosophy).

On Monday, the construction team worked on the Handicapped Access Ramp and it was quite a experience as many of us poured a slurry coat of cement, water and sand over the hard pack concrete we poured last week as a retaining wall for the concrete sidewalk. After the slurry coat was applied, we sprinkled silt to give it a nice earthly texture and look.

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