Chihiro’s Arco Pics

Chihiro Saito, is a Arcosanti resident volunteer from Kyoto, Japan. She first took her workshop in 2006 and has since come back to Arcosanti several times. This latest time she is here for three months until April/May.

She has a blog in (unfortunately it is in Japanese so most of us can’t read it) that she has been working on that documents her experiences. However, she recently shared with me some of her photos of her worldly travels on her photo blog. There are several there of Arcosanti including this one shot of one of Arcosanti’s past Cat residents.

A tour guide by profession, she says she is very busy in Japan and needs to get away every once in a while. She appreciates the pace of things at Arcosanti, so she often comes here on vacation.

She comes from a family of builders. Her grandfather established a timber frame construction company that practices old style Japanese building techniques and it was a family affair with all of her dad’s siblings becoming involved and specializing in a certain part of the building/construction process. However since her grandfather died, the siblings have grown apart and the business has fractured with each going their separate ways.

Below is a wonderful picture she took of one of the rare winter snows we get there (with fellow Arconaut Darina Trendafilova in the foreground):


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