Arcosanti to Serve as Set for Indie Film in March

My good friend Gregor Knauer works at Cosanti doing landscaping. He lived at Arcosanti several times during the 80s (then in his youth a notorious partier) and also including the year 2000 when I was first here as a resident (later in life he became the “anti-partier” railing against smoking and noise excesses at Arcosanti). An avid runner who has been in several marathons, he helped organized the 5k run at Arcosanti in 2002.

Recently he brought an old friend – Tom Huckabee (A 2007 Fort Worth Business Press ((Film fest signals a homecoming for Huckabee)) article provides some background on his work) – from his college days at U of Texas/Austin to scope the site for use in the filming of their planned indie film. Tom is writing and producing the film, while his associate James Johnston (see his website (who we also met) is the director. Both are originally from the Fort Worth area.

The film is called Carried Away and it is a about dysfunctional family and the chaos that results when one of them decides to kidnap his grandmother and take her across the country including Arcosanti where his ex girlfriend is living now.

Here are some clips of the scenes they have shot so far on YouTube.

Filming will take about a week at Arcosanti and will take place in the first and second weeks of March. It will involve about 10-15 crew and actors, as well as extras from the Arcosanti community. They are planning on a major scene that will involve a huge party with kegs and a western theme (often parties at Arcosanti involve themes to make them more interesting) including the importing of a C&W band from Texas. Arcosanti residents will serve as extras in the scene and will actually be partying real time, while actors will have to pretend (James says from experience that it is best that actors do not actually drink while acting because some actors can handle the alcohol but others cannot).

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