Toward a Global Shift in Consciousness

Arcosanti Alum Stephen Budner brought to my attention an event organized by Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) called IONS 08 A global Shift in Consciousness. The event links several people relevant to Arcosanti and Arcology mainly Van Jones (who is a IONS Fellow), Chip Conley and Catherine Austin Fitts.

The event seems to be related to a post by Reality Sandwich which refers to an optimistic report by IONS about signs of a shift in human consciousness:

Transformation is rapidly seeping into the global psyche in quantifiable ways. In the face of impending world-wide catastrophe, our ability as humans to work and think collectively is more important than ever. The Shift Reports published by the Institute of Noetic Sciences, look at the nature of transformation on both a personal and global level, looking at the roots of our current plight and investigating the ways that we can play a part in our own evolution. Running counter to the selfish view of humanity purveyed by Neo-Darwinists, the IONS Shift Reports offer a more encouraging view, maintaining that intention, choice and will can catalyze change. From the blending of Western and Eastern medicine to ideas about human evolution and social change, the Reports point to a strong paradigm shift that is taking place all over the world at this very moment. If they’re right, this could be an age of Re-Enlightenment.

Van Jones who founded the Ella Baker Institute has been a leader in the Bay Area and also nationally in promoting this idea of Green Collar Jobs and also of the importance of rebuilding our inner cities.

Cosanti Foundation Boardmember Michael Gosney of the Green Century Institute includes Chip Conley on his list of advisors who has built an network of innovative hotels in the Bay Area that are focused on providing a more ecologically responsible hospitality experience.

I am also aware of Katerine Austin Fitts through her network’s (Solari Network) involvement at the Planetwork 2003 Conference and her recent work in promoting Financial Permaculture through the Solari Network.

“Toward a Global Shift” is calling forth wisdom from the four corners of the earth and from diverse sectors of society to build a powerful field for positive collective change. Featuring: group research experiments, eye-opening presentations, passionate performances, powerful personal experiences, deep inquiry, music, laughter, and more. Together, we will create a living experiment in personal, social, and global transformation.

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