Upcoming Event: Dec 6th Solare Linear City Presentation (as a Potential Solution to the Sprawl between Phoenix and Tucson)

Arcosanti’s Nadia Begin has been putting together a presentation on the Solare Linear City that will be presented to the general public in Phoenix on Dec 6th. Panelists include Paolo Soleri as well as Arizona State University (ASU) Architecture Professor Dr John Meunier. The basic concept is that the Linear City Model that Paolo has developed can be used as a potential solution to linear city sprawl that is now engulfing transportation corridors between our cities. In particular is the prediction that Phoenix and Tucson will merge and become a Megalopolis in the next 30-40 years yielding a population of around 8 million people.

For more about this event see the Life@Arcosanti blog post that includes the Press Release.

A study completed in May 2008 by the The Morrison Institute for Public Policy was recently featured in the Arizona Republic. It is a backdrop for the Dec 8 Solare Linear City Presentation. The report according to the America 2050 Website:

…examines growth challenges in one of the nation’s most rapidly growing regions: the Tucson-Phoenix corridor. Poised to double in population from 5 million to 10 million by 2050, the region will grapple with the environmental challenges of accommodating rapid population growth in a fragile desert environment. Ensuring an adequate drinking water supply and mitigating urban heat island effect without the use of increased vegetation (which requires additional water) are two big challenges. Urban form is another important consideration; detached single family homes are by far the preferred development type in this region, but their proliferation will contribute to sprawled development and make transit options less viable.

The Smart Growth news page offers some insight to the changing winds of development that a project like Solare Linear City could take advantage of IF it is presented and designed in a way that resonates with these trends towards more sustainable urban development.

For example designing a Linear City Arcology themed development around a commuter rail system (Transit Oriented Development) between the Tucson-Phoenix Corridor could be just what is needed to get people to see Arcology as a practical model for building sustainable cities.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Event: Dec 6th Solare Linear City Presentation (as a Potential Solution to the Sprawl between Phoenix and Tucson)

    • Tom, I understand your questioning about the contradiction between sustainable and growth and development. However if you have an unsustainable system you need to growth and develop one that is more sustainable from that. However it is important to note that some talk about sustainable development do not want to face the need to eventually move towards a steady state economy at least in terms of the amount of organic/biomass resources used.

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