Arcosanti Visitor Provides Insights about Baja, Ecological Design and Healthy Living

Being a tourguide at Arcosanti provides a chance to interact with the diversity of people passing through.

The other day a guy from Mexico came by and took a tour with me – Peter. His family is from Spain but he has spent much of his time in USA. Somehow we got to talking about the Yestermorrow Institute and I said a friend was thinking about going. He said he interned at Yestermorrow and that it is a great program for hands-on learning about Ecological Design. He also mentioned that he had been working on a designing a project with Tony Brown; a local Prescott based architect that founded the Ecosa Institute (which I attended in 2000). Tony was helping him to plan out a project in Baja California that was to be a center for ecological design in the region where he lives. Unforunately, one of the financial backers of the project pulled out at the last minute. Peter currently runs a organic restaurant and community center in San Jose del Cabo in Baja California Sur, Mexico. He says the community is a diverse place and some are open to alternative health, healthy eating and living…although the urban built environment sounded a bit dismal and what you would expect in a Mexican coastal tourist community.

He told me that on his way across the country he stopped to meet artist Alex Grey which he said was one of the highlights of his trip.

Peter also mentioned staying about six months in Auroville during 2001. My friends David Tollas and Nadia Begin also spent a year there in 2005 (or around that time) so I introduced Peter to them and they had a chance to connect and it turned out they had some mutual aquaintances including Daniel Greenberg of Living Routes (which as a learning program that goes to Auroville).

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