Haunted Hayride: A Good Scare for a Worthy Cause.

On Oct 24 & 25 there was the Arcosanti Haunted Hayride. Arcosanti for a night or two pretended to be a quarantined region.  Based on the movie Quarantine, Arcosanti filmed a Trailer called “The Arcology” in the summer and then building on that storyline residents just before Holloween staged a zombie outbreak.

The proceeds from fees charged for people participating in the HayRide raised 400 dollars to help fund the repair and augmentation of the existing hot tub.

The tub currently is powered by 4 solar hot water collectors. This is not enough to keep the hot tub comfortably warm in the nights and cooler parts of the year. In addition the heat exchanger was leaking coolant into the pool water.

Repairs are currently being done…


10.17.08 SRMG Cement Plant Tour

The Local Cement plant in Clarkdale (Salt River Materials Group) recently donated about 500 bags of cement to the Cosanti Foundation. We recently had a chance to go to the plant and see how the cement we use in construction is manufactured.

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10.19.08 Life@Arcosanti

I found this about Paolo Soleri on Wikipedia and decided to add it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paolo_Soleri

Some thought has been given about a submission to the BFI Challenge and David Tollas and I had a meeting about that today.

Elvire Callaghan, one of the Oct workshoppers has an interesting blog about her recent travels to the USA, Canada and Africa. She just got back from Burning Man before coming here.da

We’re planning on finishing the Handicapped Access Ramp sidewalk later this week.

Cosanti Foundation has been struggling financially to sell enough bells to make ends meet but Mary assures us that they will still make payroll
at least for the foreseeable future. I however am trying to save as much cash as possible just in case, given the instability of the economy.

Dean the Gallery Manager will be going down to Cosanti next week to help with a major sale that they hope will help the foundation make up the shortfall.

Making the Case for Aggressive Public Works Program to Green USA Economy/Society

Richard Register has been a longtime supporter of Arcosanti and Paolo Soleri’s work. In the spring of this Soleri was invited to keynote at the 2008 Ecocities conference along with Cosanti Foundation Chair Jeffrey Stein. Register was credited with helped to build the concept of Ecocity (see Sustainable Cities section in Wikipedia). In the 70s and 80s Register helped to define Urban Ecology as a way to see cities as organic systems much like natural systems.

I met him briefly during the 2006 Califia Summit which I participated and also helped organize as a volunteer for the Green Century Institute .

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Life@Arcosanti 10.13.08

It has been very cool here at Arcosanti lately but a warm up is expected.

We just had the last performance of the year at Arcosanti in the Colly Soleri Amphitheatre. Sonya Kumiko Lee – a classical pianist – performed (while I washed dishes in the cafe for some extra cash).

A major pour is planned today to complete the Handicapped Access Ramp or at least much of the concrete part of the project. The project was made possible thanks to a 50k grant from the AZ Dept of Tourism. We plan to pour about six yards using the old ready mix truck and it’ll be a good opportunity for the workshoppers in the Oct workshop to get some more concrete experience.

One of the more interesting aspects of my recent Arcosanti experience has been my part time job as a Arcosanti Tourguide. It has its ups and downs but overall it is worth the effort not just for the extra money but also for the chance to meet so many interesting people.

Today I actually went on David Tollas’ architectural tour of Arcosanti which included a presentation by his wife Nadia Begin. She spoke about the Hyper Building and Solare Linear City in the Cafe. She as a practicing architect and former manager of the planning dept at Arcosanti was involved in the design of both projects. She is currently working to present the Solare Linear City as a potential solution to urban sprawl in the Phoenix-Tucson Corridor).

Doing a search on Google I see that one of the people in one of the tours I gave in Sept (Stefanie Stubbs architect and editor of American Institute of Architects newsletter) recently published something (Is It Time to Go (Back) to Arcosanti?) about her experience at Arcosanti in the AIA blog:

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to satisfy a 30-year-old jones: I finally made the architectural haj to Arcosanti, Paulo Soleri’s urban vision-come-reality in the Arizona desert. The anticipatory road trip and resulting tour, guided by construction worker Jeff Buderer, lived up to decades of anticipation, and—for a brief shining moment or three—I reveled silently in a private fantasy of chucking Washington, D.C., packing up the cats (they’d have lots of new friends there), and becoming an Arcosanti construction worker myself.

Toa Caterina who interned at Arcosanti from June to Sept in construction is currently going to school at Boston Achitectural College. The dean of the school is actually the chair of the Cosanti Foundation which runs Arcosanti – Jeffrey Stein (who recently represented Arcosanti along with Paolo Soleri at the 2008 EcoCities Conference).

Toa is working on a project with Rafaelle Elba who is an architect from Italy and also is an alum of Arcosanti. From 2008/09/30 to 2009/02/10 the project will be partially graded by the number of the entrances of visitors on the web page so she has asked that people in her network go to the site and also spread the word of this project.

When you are on the web page:

  1. First go to “degree database”
  2. Select “2008 edition” and write in “Elba” in “search by author” and then press search.
  3. Finally click the link that says ”VIEW THE PROJECT.”

Multi Use Design and Arcology Theory

One theme of “green architecture” is the idea of MultiUseDesign.

Building materials that go into the construction of a building should as often as possible, do several things, so as minimize the use of materials, such as increasing the energy efficiency of the building, providing structural integrity, while being sandwiched and integrated within the other components of the building, to provide significant architectural form.

Arcologies are multi-use designs in that they emphasize the power of architecture to affect people, while encompassing a more practical and ecologically sane mode of urban design.