091408 Week in Review…

Different Skies just finished their week of performances at Arcosanti. It capped a good week overall despite a incidence of violence that involved a workshopper who was removed from the site and then put in jail for assaulting a resident. Rarely does the issue of voilance come up but when it does it always provokes some soul searching here and we did some of that both on a person to person level as well as formally at the manager/operations meeting and also at community council.

Different Skies @ Arcosanti – Every year Different Skies comes to Arcosanti and performs at the Colly Soleri Music Center. Its a unique effort in which they work together as a band only for that week, and then go back to their lives in whatever part of the world they live in. Jeff Kunzelman who does the Arcosanti website (past Arconaut who now lives in Pheonix) was one of the participants in Different Skies. This year the review from the Arconauts seemed to express a lot of good will about the band and their performance here this year. Everyone I polled seemed in agreement that it was one of their better performances and that they seem to be improving with time. Kudos to the musicans for their hard work and a job well done. See report in Arcosanti Daily Progress Blog for more…

Construction Update – We had the 5 workshoppers working in construction (workshop picture) until Wed (when they went to Cosanti for a two day field trip as they regularly do as part of the Arcosanti workshop program…see Daily Progress report for more details) and during that time we were able to do another pour which capped a really nice run with this workshop that included us moving closer to the area of the pool (with concrete being added to help reinforce the cliff below the pool) where we are concerned with the falling rocks. Once we secure that then we can move on to the next bay of the area below the pool and secure that section moving east.

Later in the week on thurs, we moved from working in the construction area below the pool to the handicapped access ramp above the Visitor Center (Crafts III). The plan is to complete much of the Handicapped Access Ramp that was part of a 50k grant from the Arizona Office of Tourism to improve the parking area. This is the last week for the workshop and we plan to do at least one if not two pours using the concrete ready mixer (vintage 1960s mixing truck) and batch plant. Usually on these larger pours we rent a ingersall rand bobcat to load the batch plant (its very expensive to rent so David and I have been considering alternatives such as buying a new or used bobcat or similar device).

Arcosanti Agriculture Dept Participates in Local Fair – Finally on Sunday I got a report from Maki regarding the Arcosanti entries into the local agricultural fair and the results of that came back on sunday. Apparently Arcosanti’s agriculture department brought back “many blue ribbons” from the event. More on that to come…

ReverbNation Weblink – In searching the web about Different Skies I found this link called ReverbNation.com that offers a guide of performances at Arcosanti as well as nice review of Arcosanti as a unique destination for small performances.

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