Vintage Pics from Arcosanti’s Hippie Glory Days

Stephen Budner has agreed to share some of his pictures with me and allow me to post them here.

Here is Stephen when they were building the west front walls that form the steps at the south end of the Lab Building, when he was there in the summer of 77.

Here we are pouring the concrete for the Foundry floor slab….as part of my workshop in 1973….Note “bronzen” Roger Tomalty in the background with both hands confidently on the tamper…..were it not for the Irish Potato Famine of the mid 19th century this undertaking may have never happened……or at least not happened this way…

Stephen Budner recalls this experience from his Arco days in which he sees emerging from the Arcosanti construction process a sort of ritual…:

…the performance of a ritual…the woman in the lower right was a recent architectural school graduate which was typical for many of the workshop participants in those days…

looking south through vault #1 we see freshly poured silt precasting of concrete panel to comprise one of the several panels that will comprise the front wall assembly of West Housing…

Please also see the collection of photos that Lou Dallara has posted on Flickr.

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