Celebrating Independence Day Off the Grid

On Friday (4th of July) I had the chance to meet up Karen Taylor at her place in Clarksdale. Karen is a old friend of mine from my days at Arcosanti (00-02). Karen worked at Arcosanti for ten years in Landscaping before moving to Cottonwood (which is right next to Clarksdale).

Many of the people who have stayed at Arcosanti for some time have decided to stay in Arizona even after they leave Arcosanti. Karen Taylor is one such example. She has started a small business with several other partners. They do work in landscaping promoting permaculture concepts through the work.

She stays at a guest house of an architect that works in the Prescott, Sedona, Cottonwood area. He also an alumni of Arcosanti.

The architecture of the place was quite impressive and of course the site is completely off the grid and actually generates surplus solar power. They also have a considerable garden that produces much of the food for the site. It also includes an office for the architecture firm that Karen works for part time doing interior design.

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